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Celebrating 20 years of Service to the Community - 2016! 

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Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. (PSC) is leading a project to honor Indigenous heritage and to provide culturally-based learning opportunities. A new monument designed and created by Saskatchewan artists will be unveiled at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park on August 17, 2017.

The monument will depict a four-directional medicine wheel and artistic renderings of a buffalo and an eagle. It also includes a series of carved stones representing and interpreting the Seven Sacred Teachings (or Grandfather Teachings) reflecting moral principles and values that form the foundation of an Indigenous way of life. Collectively, these features will form a striking venue to remember Indigenous peoples, particularly those who lived in or depended on the Great Plains area of southern Saskatchewan.

The project is also linked to a Children's Culture Camp that PSC and partners host in the park in August. This camp is attended by Indigenous children and their foster or adoptive parents. The commemorative project enhances the Culture Camp by instilling a sense of pride in young people about their ancestral heritage. It will also provide a new venue for children and youth of all backgrounds to learn about Indigenous culture.  

PSC is managing the project and we acknowledge our key partners: Canadian Heritage through the Canada 150 program; Saskatchewan Social Services; Saskatchewan Parks, Culture and Sport; the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association; SaskCulture/Saskatchewan Lotteries; and SaskTel Pioneers.  

For more information please call us at: 306.525.9682. More details will be posted soon! 






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