Prairie Spirit Connections Inc.

Awakening Your Spirit

Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Services has developed a program for women to embrace the next steps of their healing journey.  Awakening your Spirit encourages women to rediscover themselves in a safe and comfortable environment while inspiring them to welcome their personal transformations.  Our primary focus for Awakening your Spirit  is to assist women.  Awakening your Spirit offers programs and services to guide each woman in reconnecting with their cultural and traditional heritage as well as guidance to work through life's barriers through discussions shaped and dedicated to the women who participate in this program.  Awakening your Spirit supports and help women maintain a holistic lifestyle through various knowledge based information.  Awakening your Spirit also incorporates the opportunity to participate in cultural teachings and ceremonies, classroom and group activities, opportunity to speak with Elders, as well as individual counselling.  Each person is treated with kindness and compassion honoring the integrity of all.  

The program objectives include the intervention model which is based on the Seven Sacred Teachings, the Medicine Wheel, and Tipi Teachings encompassing on personal self-care.  The model focuses on utilizing traditional and cultural principles to adapt to the women's outlook, attitudes, and behavior.  This program will also work with ceremony to bring balance with their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual components. 

The program will consist of: 

  • One day a week of classroom discussion and interaction, 
  • Opportunity to concentrate on deep seeded issues, 
  • Developed Skills, 
  • Share conversation with other women, 
  • Nurture their whole self, 
  • Work with a holistic approach, 
  • Develop and embrace self-esteem and confidence. 

Areas of Topic: 

  • Sacred Fire,
  • Smudging, 
  • Sweat Lodge, 
  • Cultural Activities, 
  • Seven Sacred Teachings, 
  • Healing Ceremonies, 
  • Cultural Protocols, 
  • Modules to work through, 
  • Addictions and Co-Dependency, 
  • Picking Medicine, 
  • Elder Services, 
  • Triggers and coping skills, 
  • Communication, 
  • Stress,
  • Building Self-Esteem,
  • and many more.